недеља, 22. новембар 2009.

Panta rei (slike govore hiljadu reči)

Inspirisali Katarina & Mario, posvećeno ne samo njima

Žarili su i palili, svi su ih se plašili, iza njih nije ostalo ništa. Ponavljaće nam se sve dok ne naučimo da cenimo rad, ne brkajući nagrade sa privilegijama. A da bismo do toga došli, nužno je da spoznamo sebe.



kao da je juče bilo

Neka se pripremi sledeći

Vreme teče isto za sve.

We talk about time, does it exist?
Or is it just a word that I can dismiss?
There's a clock on the wall and it won't stop ticking (Ticking, ticking, ticking)
I try not to listen
But it dictates every little thing I do
From when I'm waking up until my day is through
And I'm always hearing that life doesn't last long
And that we better be get it on in before pass on
Some people say that we came from an explosion
That the door is closing we're only decomposing
Rotting like the body of a barrel in a lost tomb
Is that the end? Or is flesh and blood a costume?
Cause other folks say life lasts forever
That we're all lost sheep looking for the shepherd
Thus, it's the question of time or the infinite
Who's in control? And where do I fit into it?
Is it all chance like the odds in Vegas?
Or should we be on our knees praying God will save us?
I take the rock of ages
We struggle to define when time means nothing, the end of time

Time means nothing, the end of time
Time means nothing, the end of time
There's a clock on the wall and it won't stop ticking
There's a clock on the wall and it won't stop ticking

What if..we were the only specie
And we all evolved from the ocean and the deep sea?
Was it part of the plan to put a heart in a man?
And the capability to build a heart with his hands?
Are we drifting through space? Untied like the shoelace?
Running a race with very few who place
Hitting hyper drive hope we don't collide
Going like a stone time is on my side
Imagine a place with no clicks from a clock
Nowhere to jump off no cliffs and no rocks
Feel the tour of gravity a hole or a cavity
Now go and take control of you soul and your sanity
It's easy to do
Count to twenty by twos
No need to book a flight look left look right
You can see the showers from the meteorites
No television screens and no media hype
I'll climb Orion's belt and grab hold of his kilt
And if my grip starts to slip I can yell for help
Or I can just let go
Who's with me? Let's go
You gotta close your eyes and follow the echo

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Nit је рекао...

Kakva fantazmagorična retrospektiva!
Za "poglavlje" praistorija moram da priložim http://sr.wikipedia.org/sr-el/%D0%A1%D0%BB%D0%B8%D0%BA%D0%B0:CarDusan2.jpg
Bez njega, čini mi se ne bi bilo ni ovih "svežih".

nasdvoje је рекао...


nisam hteo toliko daleko da idem, znam neke koji se nikada nisu vratili :)

nego vidi šta zaboravi' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTMc4QcHmpw

Mario Eterović је рекао...

"moj cilj je profit"...žena je govorila potpunu istinu. xexexe

vrabac: *****

Nit је рекао...

"E necemo dozvoliti nikome da nam rusi, da nam ruje IZNUTRA ..."
na tome su se ucili oni
Inspiracija za potomstvo (Dafinina ?muska? varijanta):

AKVAMARIN је рекао...

Primetio bih samo da u ovom sledu fali GOSPODINPRVIDEMOKRATSKIIZABRANI PREMIJER, ili kako bi vernici rekli "ZORAN".

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